Water Experts Network is The Leader Water Technology Experts Network in ARAB region, that introduce Many Services for Experts and companies from all over the world, and have more than (125,000) followers from water Technology experts and include the following Platforms and Channels.

Water Technology Experts Forum (WTEF) is Scientific Platform include more than (26,000) registered members and more than (5,000) free technical references and considered as the biggest free-of-charge library in the ARAB region specialized in water technology science and engineering field


ARAB Water Magazine is scientific digital magazine contain more than (150) articles in water technology Science and engineering field and it is under developing to issues in printed versions.


ARAB Water Jobs is the first Recruitment Platform in the ARAB Region, Specialized in Water Technology Jobs.


Water Technology Experts Academy is the first distance-learning Platform in water technology science and engineering field in ARAB Region, that trained about two thousands of trainers during about 100 course and now preparing training curricula and will be certified from international accreditations.


Global Water Guide is Web Portal Platform acts as Guide for all water web sites in the world, that include a definitions and links for the web sites and organized and Classified in a professional way to be easy to access any web site in water technology field.


ARAB Water Summit is a platform organize an annual conference and exhibition in the field of water industry in ARAB region that include scientific sessions for week with trade exhibition for new trends technology in global water field.


ARAB Water Awards is a platform for launching competitions and awards in the field of water science and engineering in ARAB region in water fields like performance of utility companies, contractors, consultants, technology providers, projects, leaders, researches, new technologies, books, websites and scientific associations that will be evaluated by impartial committees using professional rules.


Mailing List include about (30,000) subscribers specialists in water science and engineering and they receive Monthly Newsletter about the latest News about Global Water technology field.


Main Facebook Group include about (60,000) members specialist in water industry and considered as the biggest and most active discussion group in Social media specialized in the water technology science and engineering field in ARAB region.


LinkedIn Page include more than (10,000) followers from experts in water Technology field.


Water Engineering Groups (1) and (2) include about (45,000) members specialized in Civil, Mechanical, Chemical, Electrical, Automation Engineering and Environmental Engineering.


Whats App Groups (50) groups, include about (10,000) members.


Facebook Page include about (65,000) followers.


YouTube Channel include more than (3000) subscribers.


Water Technology Experts Academy include more than (6000) members.
Water Technology Products Market include more than (3000) members.
Water Home Filters Experts include more than (3000) members.


Telegram Group include more than (2,000) Members.


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